Monday, June 15, 2015

Our story

We would love to welcome you as you follow along on our journey to health. Here's a little bit of our story.
We've been happily married since December 2006, and in January 2012, we were blessed with our little girl Ruby. Then in May 2014 our sweet boy Reid was born. My stomach has never been the same since. I was just about huge for both pregnancies, mostly just in my belly area. As a result of that, my stomach muscles separated, known as diastasis recti. Now, over a year after my second pregnancy, I still look like I'm about four months pregnant. My muscles just aren't together to hold in my insides. On top of all of that, my muscles are not in shape in spite of being just about at my ideal weight (125 lbs currently). Although I wouldn't mind losing about 5 more pounds.

Andy has never been a fan of exercise and hasn't stuck to a fitness plan for long. He started out our marriage weighing about 185, but has slowly gained weight (me enjoying cooking and baking hasn't helped much), and is now 220 lbs. He's very excited to work on getting into shape and being healthy.

We have these two beautiful children, and when we think about our future, we know that we want to be healthy and active for them. But also for ourselves, because when you can't do crunches because of separated muscles, and you get winded going up a flight of stairs because of the extra weight you carry, it really doesn't feel good. The Lord has given us these bodies, and they're the only ones we get for our life. I think it's about time we start caring for them!

We invite you to come with us on our journey to health, and we hope to inspire you along the way.